Unexpected situations and blessings in disguise

Life rarely ever goes as planned. Have you ever been blindsided by life? I’m sure you probably have. We all have. About a month ago, life ran me over like a semi truck…then put it in reverse and ran me over again. As much as I thought my world was falling to pieces when it first happened, I now look at everything and realize there really is truth in my favorite phrase, “everything happens for a reason”.

Yes, I know that sounds all kinds of overly optimistic, warm fuzzy, cliché, but in all honestly I truly believe in that philosophy with all my heart. As time marches on and while I’m still dealing with fallout from a not-so-great last month of 2017, I’m seeing more and more how it’s helping me set myself up for a better year and better self.

I’ve had the opportunity this past month to really focus in on what is important. I’ve had to watch our budget closer than ever before. I’ve not been able to register for races like I have in the past, or splurge on new crafting things that catch my eye. At first I felt disappointment. I was going to miss out on things. What things? I don’t know, but things? FOMO is real. But as this month has worn on, I’m getting more and more comfortable with the fact that I won’t get to do as much as last year…and that’s OK! It’s helped me to realize the joy is in running itself. In the freeing experience of feeling the ground move under your feet. The races, the bling, that’s all icing! As for my craft supplies? Well in all honesty I have nearly enough to stock a small craft store! After some thought, I’m really excited to challenge myself to see what I can make with just what I have on hand. Time to flex those creative muscles 😉

The other big thing I’ve noticed is that my current situation has made me more aware of needing to be more aware. To be present in the moment. To spend more time actually doing things rather than looking at more things I could put on my to-do list on line. To spend more time with friends and loved ones and not on my phone. To really sit down and enjoy a movie or book or the process of making something.  We have become such a distracted society. We have lost the practice of mindfulness and I don’t know that we really realize it. We’re so concerned with what others are doing (and trying to keep up with them), or what we could be doing that we don’t live in the now. That’s something I want to change in myself. 

That said, while at first when things happened in early December last year I thought “How much more horrible can things be?” I’ve decided to shift my thinking to, “This is my chance to self evaluate and make the changes I’ve needed to for a while…and that’s a good thing!”

So what will 2018 bring? How will my current situation change my life? I don’t know. All I know is there will be change, there will be growth, and somehow, some way everything will be just fine…and I’ll be all the better for it!

Until next time, live happy, smile more, run lots, and be kind ❤

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