The best laid plans of mice and men

You know what they say about the best laid plans. And although I know there is a chance that my plans may not all come to fruition, to have NO plan is worse. After all a goal without a plan is just a dream.

So leading up to the new year I’m currently formulating plans. Well, some plans to at least get the ball rolling in the opening months of 2022. So in no particular order, here is what I have…

1. Use my planner to its fullest potential. I bought a Blogilates fit planner after not making the investment last year. I had one in 2020 and loved it. I used it faithfully up until about July when all hopes of in person races were dashed, and the changing of employers threw everything out of whack. It tracks 99.8% of all the things I want to track, and that last 0.2% can be added in the extra space provided. I want to use everything it offers: trackers, weight and measurement progress, meal planning and tracking, weekly challenges, all of it. I know it will help tremendously because I’m one who loves seeing things written down and checked as “done”.

2. Find a way to fit fitness in to every day. Even just 20 minutes will make a difference at this point. The toughest thing for me is finding the best workouts for work days. Working 10+ hour days makes wanting to do anything other than come home and sit on the couch really difficult. So right now my plan is to run on the days I don’t work, and maybe do pilates, yoga, or another low impact exercise on my work days then go from there.

3. Diet. Ok, this is one I don’t normally talk about because I know some people don’t agree with it, but here goes. After consulting with my doctor about weight loss he suggested intermittent fasting. I’ve been doing it for about a month now and have lost 7 lbs and feel so much better. And to top it off, I know I haven’t even been doing the cleanest fasting either. So my plan is to stick with that, maybe play around with fasting windows to see if that has any effect, and start planning my meals (you know, that whole use my planner up the fullest thing). Also, water…I need to drink more, period.

I have a few other ideas bouncing around inside my brain, but for now I’m keeping it at focusing on these 3. I feel it better to focus on a few things in the beginning and do them to the best of my ability, rather than try to take on many things and do them half-assed.

So there it is. My initial plan of attack. Also, I’m not really waiting until the new year to get started. That planner I mentioned, well, it’s first useable week starts on December 27, so Monday is the big day. Until then, I’m going to enjoy the holiday and just do the best I can.

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