Christmas weekend

Merry Christmas! With my kids being grown, our celebration was nothing big this year. A nice dinner and some stockings for the kids, that’s it. But it was nice nonetheless. It was super nice that this was my weekend off, too, so I was able to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather along with time with family.

Christmas morning started out warm and rainy, I almost didn’t get outside. After a couple cups of coffee and Christmas specials, I finally geared up and got out there. There was no way I wasn’t taking advantage of a day off from work. I had almost forgot how hardcore you feel when you get out and run in the rain! I was able to complete a 5k and earn this cutie that I ordered last year. To say I’m behind on earning some bling is an understatement! There are several virtual medals (and live races converted to virtuals races) I ordered/entered over the last year or so that I’m bound and determined to earn in 2022!

Such a cute medal! Christmas unicorn from US Roadrunning

I was thrilled to cover the 5k distance. I decided I’m going to use this time as a baseline to see how my 5k training pace improves over the next year.

Today was setting the pace for my walking goal for the upcoming year. (Yes, that was a pun…maybe not a great one, but hey, I tried) I got in 3 miles total: a one mile warm up, one mile at the fastest pace I could maintain, and a one mile cool down. That fastest mile ended up being 16 minutes flat. I’m wanting to try speed walking a 5k in 2022 so I wanted a baseline mile. Oh, and since I’m starting my new year early, I’m going to start a jar to see how much change I find over the year. I got to get started on that with a little find today.

So tomorrow is the first day my new planner is useable so my 2022 journey begins a little early. I broke my fast a little early today and indulged just a little. A fast food burger and 3 Reese’s bells…and maybe a higher calorie intake for the day than the rest of last month for a day…but I’m ok with that. I’m actually ready and looking forward to getting right back on track with my 16:8. My measurements are taken and my baselines are set. I’m ready to make this year my best!

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