Monday…what a day

Days that don’t go as planned seem to happen to me far more often than not. Today was a perfect example. Multiple call offs at work, several hours added on to my work day, no lunch break, lots more stress. As well as lots of opportunities to make excuses to just sit on the couch after work…but I didn’t! Go me 🙂

Not that I did anything spectacular (although all the running around at work totally closed my Apple Watch rings. Does that count?) but I did do my favorite flexibility/stress busting video by Blogilates followed by some extra stretching and a 45 second plank, the challenge of the week. I also stuck with my fasting window, although that was easy all considered, what I’m more proud of diet wise was that I didn’t eat any junk food. It used to be a coping mechanism for me, but I honestly didn’t even crave it today. I craved that workout instead. Be that just from the excitement of starting my planner today or whatever, I’ll take it!

On a side note I found 12¢ to add to my found money jar today, and we bought a powerball ticket. Wouldn’t that be a huge way for my luck to turn around?!? Anyway, I’m going to enjoy the rest of the evening and look forward to better things tomorrow 🙂

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