2022 week 1…New habits, new challenges, and a change of plans.

Ok, first off the change of plans part. I originally thought about writing here daily, but have since decided to write a weekly post. At least for now. Some days get away from me, others I really don’t have anything interesting to say or share other than my workout, and some I just plain don’t feel like sitting down and typing. So I’m switching to one post a week and figure I can up it from there if I feel like it. So there’s that 🙂

Ok, so, the first week of 2022 has come and gone. Well, pretty much. I realize it’s the 6th, but hey, now’s when I have the time and desire to write, so here I am. How has it gone? Actually pretty darn well. So far I’m working on 3 habits I want to form over this month to carry through the year.

1. To drink a glass of water before I drink anything else every day. So far so good. It feels good to know the first thing hitting my system is the best thing for hydration.

2. To exercise in some form 6 days a week. This is going well too. Especially now that the Blogilates Glow Up sessions are in full swing I know hitting this goal will be a little easier for a while.

3. To take a blood pressure reading every day. So far I’ve only missed one day. When I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and prescribed medication for it, my doctor gave me hope that getting back to exercising and getting my weight down may decrease or eliminate the need for meds. So I want to keep track of my numbers so I can see just how things are going there, and to know if it’s something to discuss with him at my 6 month check up.

As for challenges, I mentioned the glow up sessions. It’s a challenge from Cassey Ho over at Blogilates that involves workouts, diet, and getting more attuned with your feelings. It’s a two week challenge and I’m all in for it. Ok, maybe not all in…I’m not necessarily following the diet part (I’m sticking with IF which has helped me lose 11.5 lbs since starting it), but the rest has got me motivated and thinking. That feels good!

Now, my weekly workout recap…to keep me accountable and honest 😉

1/1 – Blogilates 15 minute thigh test and 6 minutes to sexy thighs

1/2 – Blogilates 21 minute stretch routine

1/3 – Blogilates Glow Up session day 1

1/4 – 2 mile run (23:49), 2 mile walk (35:51), Blogilates Glow Up session day 2

1/5 – 1 minute run (working on the Nike+ stacks achievement), 2.15 mile walk (36:28), Blogilates Glow Up session day 3

1/6 – Blogilates Glow Up session day 4

You can tell the days I work because I’m terrible at getting in a walk or run that day. I want to change that. Right now I go to work when it’s dark and get home with just minutes of daylight left in the day. Although I have a treadmill I really prefer to be outside. Especially after having spent my 10+ hour work day indoors. I know longer days are coming, though, and I’m looking forward to taking advantage of that. And it should be easier if I’m able to form the habit of working out after work now. That’s part of why I’m choosing to do pilates. It’s hard and invigorating yet somehow relaxing all at the same time. I love that.

So there it is. One week down, 51 to go to see just how much change I can make in one year. See you all next week!

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