Running behind, but still here…and actually running!

Alright, I’m not doing so great on my blogging once a week goal just yet, but I’m trying. I was feeling kind of bad about it, but then after some thought I realized I am trying to build a lot of new habits this year and to think I’m going to be able to do well with all of them from go really isn’t realistic.

So, where does that leave me right now? Well, I’ve been focusing on a few daily habits until they are well established before adding more. So far this month I’ve been doing well with exercising every day, taking my blood pressure reading every day, and drinking more water.

On the exercise front I completed the Blogilates Glow Up Sessions 2 week program and decided to do it again to take me to the end of January. I’ve not really changed much weight wise, but I’m feeling so much stronger! I’ll be curious to see if my measurements change by months end. I’ve also been running 3 times a week for at least 20 minutes. It’s something that’s doable for me without being overwhelming, and I can always add more if I want to. As a matter of fact I have found a YouTube channel that, while not for running, has lots of walking tours of areas I’d love to visit so it’s been easier to go a little longer.

On the personal side of things, I’ve been on social media WAY less this first few weeks of the year, and it’s got me thinking. To be perfectly honest, when I think about the time I was happiest with my running and fitness it was before I had my kids. Now it has nothing to do with my kids, it’s just the time frame. The time I was running (and walking and biking and teaching aerobics and swimming…you get the idea) and wasn’t worried about posting any of it anywhere. My family knew what I did, some friends knew, but that was it. The biggest thing is I knew what I was doing and there was no comparison to steal my joy. It was so low stress to workout, record it in my running log, then move on with my day. I can’t quite put it all in to words, but I wanted to note it now. I may elaborate more if I find the words, but my big take away right now is I need to really put thought into keeping or deleting my social media accounts.

So, that’s my little update for now. I’ll be interested to see what changes (I’m hopeful I’ll see some) I’ll see by months end.

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